Create your Comeback Plan with

Coach Laray


Hey Mama!

They call me the Comeback Coach.

I help moms come back from depression and gain the clarity, courage, and confidence to create the life of your dreams.

Give me 4-sessions and get your life back!


How can I help you succeed?

Life as you know it

I speak to so many women who once felt like capable and accomplished individuals who were thriving in their lives before they had children and upon becoming mothers feel sad, lost, and reduced to living a life where they're barely hanging on.

Coaching w/Laray

I work with you in a faith-based way over the course of four 50-minute sessions.  We work on creating clarity so you can continue with courage and the confidence to make your comeback; and you walk away with a clear plan forward.

Your best life now

If you're tired of feeling like the person you used to be is slipping away and each day is a battle trying to reclaim parts of who you were, let me help you create your comeback plan. There's no better time to start living your best life than right now.  

My comeback story



I value our time together because I feel seen, heard, and centered.  You have helped me sort out my thoughts in my head so I can take the proper action to step into the new.  I am excited for my future.”

- Wendy D.


Thank you so much, Laray!  You have made a BIG difference in my life in a short period.  I appreciate our time together—it has raised the standard in me.  My overall experience has been great.”

- Marsha P.


Coach Laray, I am praising God for using you for His Glory in my life.  It has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience working with you; I look forward to our meetings each week.”

- Valerie C.


My first session was difficult because I had so many wounds, secrets, and baggage. However, due to the spirit of God that’s in my Comeback Coach, I was able to be totally transparent, to speak my truth in a safe place.”

- Latanza G.

Meet Coach Laray


Diagnosed in March 2019, Author turned Comeback Coach for Moms, Laray Dyer suffered a severe case of postpartum depression.  In her inaugural book, When the Bough Breaks: Unearthing the Roots of Postpartum Depression, Laray is remarkably transparent about the physical demands, and complex emotions and behaviors, which come along with motherhood, revealing raw emotion and personal health records.  

In 2021, Laray founded Abundant Grace Coaching Community to help moms come back from depression and gain the clarity, courage, and confidence to create the life of your dreams.  Through 1:1 coaching, she employs faith- and evidence-based strategy to guide moms along the path of spiritual health, mental health, and personal development.

Laray holds Master’s degrees from both Emory University and Carnegie Mellon University.  She also holds certifications as a Project Management Professional and Health Coach.  Laray is a happily married mother of two living in Atlanta, GA.

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